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aardraa is a zoho partner focused on enabling rural talent and empowering them. we believe that talent is everywhere and does not have to be concentrated in crowded cities. we are a tradition and family first company and we want villages to flourish again. by taking opportunities to villages, top soil erosion is avoided and geographic balance is acheived. vandhe maatharam.

we're looking ahead

We're looking ahead

We hope to make a permanent impact. Not  just to bring prosperity to small villages around an India, but also to set a meaningful example for others to replicate.

Save temple

we would like to bring back a content and humble society that once thrived around the temples in almost every aspect of life. more importantly it generates jobs/opportunities for many.

They saved us. Now it's our time to save them.

Maintained temples : 21

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Medic Seva

increasing population, environmental damage, poor food choices/habits, drugs and stressful lifestyle have made humans more susceptible to disease than ever before. we provide medical care to the poor and needy people free of cost. 

Medicines cure Diseases, but Doctors cure Patients

count of cured patients : 1212

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Rural talent empowerment program

trained candidates : 146
​completed batches : 18
branch count : 3

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