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  • We're taking opportunities closer to where the talent is 

    we operate on a simple philosophy—world-class products can be built anywhere. Even if that means you're working from a farm in a remote village. Our goal is to invest in local talent, keep people close to their families, reversing 

    "top-soil" erosion and support local communities.

Simplify Your Business With Zoho

    Too many protocols and red-tapes can slow down the growth of your business. complicated funnels and interlinked third-party applications tend to create unnecessary chaos in the back-end design of business support. While integrating new applications with your existing systems can be quite an arduous task, it is not the case with Zoho CRM and other Zoho applications. Say no to useless complications and automate your business with Zoho applications that make your life easier.

​"We are a state of the art tech company with a very old-fashioned approach to company building."

​​ We're looking ahead

    We hope to make a permanent impact. Not  just to bring prosperity to small villages around an India, but also to set a meaningful example for others to replicate.

          Pronounced focus on           ​'technology-enabled' rural revival

    Today, it's possible for the daughter of a rural, landless worker to learn how coding or JavaScript frameworks work. There are talented local people in rural areas around the world to help, so that communities can work together, at home.

"It's not just developing; it's thriving"